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Brooke and her family

Promote flexible working conditions creating more opportunities for ‘Mothers and Others’ who want to work - just not full-time!

UNTAPPED FORCE was born out of frustration and concern for mothers (and others) in particular who have taken time out of the workforce to raise children. Raising children at home is something that is an ideal situation and not necessarily the norm. Financial strain usually forces parents back into the workforce too soon and it stands to reason that if flexible employment solutions were available to this untapped portion of the working population then everyone wins. That is, mothers can spend more time nurturing the future of Australia, governments can pay less to support this and employers, especially small business, can afford to spend more time on the growth of their own businesses while having reliable and flexible staffing available. Mothers are also then able to stay in touch with a working life and transition more easily back into the full time workforce when the time comes.

About me
I am a mother of four children ages 14, 13, 4, and 1. After the first two kids I realised how hard it was and waited 9 years before having the second lot! I understand the plight of mothers in trying to balance a working life with mothering. I remember thinking how good it would be when the kids started school and how nice it would be to get a job and start having some ‘me’ time. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?! Unfortunately the start of school life for your kids just creates more of a headache for you! Trying to find a job that is 9-3pm that allows for three months of holidays every year is almost impossible – even connecting with understanding employers who are willing to be flexible during those school holidays is hard work.
I created UNTAPPED FORCE to give small business access to quality staff that they can employ in varying capacities.
I created UNTAPPED FORCE to showcase these opportunities to those who are interested in flexible options. 

I think flexibility is key.
Society is slowly realising that with technology making geography less important – flexible employment options should be further investigated. Child care is being investigated to assist with this so maybe employers should also be encouraged to consider flexible options also. Job sharing, reduced/flexible hours, school hours, contracting work, paying per project, allowing working from home etc are all viable options.

We are not recruiters – we will not sift through or screen job applicants. We can put you in touch with people who will do that for you though. 

We are an advertising board that focuses on employment opportunities that vary from the conventional 40 hour a week on site job. 

Employers pay to advertise a position/opportunity and we have registered job seekers who will apply directly through our site. Prospects can attach resumes and cover letters in a few easy steps. 

We aim to give small business a cost effective way to tap into the UNTAPPED FORCE that I believe the mothers and others out there can become. We had skills and experiences that were valued BEFORE children, we still have those same assets to contribute AFTER children.

Employers who advertise with us can be assured they are tapping into a pool of willing and able workers who are actively seeking employment. They can be assured that their ad will be very cost competitive and while it may mean a reduced response in numbers it in no way reflects a reduced quality of responders.

TAP into our UNTAPPED FORCE pool of willing workers today!

Untapped Force